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Site Name: Alicia's Carvings
URL Homepage: www.aliciacharlton.com
Business Name:
Name: Alicia Charlton
Email: me@aliciacharlton.com
Description of Site: Chainsaw carvings, wood and stone sculpture

Site Name: A Master's Touch, LLC
URL Homepage:
Business Name: A Master's Touch, LLC
Name: Tony & Carol Garcia
Email: a.masters.touch@hotmail.com
Description of Site: We are a full range wood working and carving company ~ Tony does  anything
from chainsaw carved animals, stumps, etc, to relief carved signs, wood   panels & furniture, to the making of heirloom pieces of furniture, antique reproductions, even cabinetry! We bring your ideas to life!


Site Name: Angie Chainsaw Chick
URL Homepage: www.angela-polglaze.com
Business Name: Cutting Edge Art
Name: Angela Polglaze
Email: angiechainsawchick@yahoo.com.au
Description of Site:Various galleries of Angie's sculptures and exhibition history. The Cheesy
Chick Challenge can also be found there. Enjoy !!

Site Name: Appalachian Arts Studio
URL Homepage: www.appalachian-arts.com
Business Name: Appalachian Arts Studio
Name: Rick, Liz and Zoe Boni
Email: info@appalachian-arts.com
Description of Site: Learning Art Facility where creative energy of all types is nurtured and
encouraged. Classes in chainsaw carving, pottery, pioneer arts, and old
style printing. Home of the Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous.

Site Name: Artistry In Wood
Homepage: www.artistry-in-wood.net
Business Name: Artistry In Wood
Name: Dayton and Michelle Scoggins
Email: Dayton@artistry-in-wood.net
Description of Site: Chainsaw sculptures by Dayton and Michelle Scoggins, custom orders, on-site
stump jobs, demonstrator at your event

Site Name: Bear-Carvings.com
URL Homepage:  http://www.bear-carvings.com
Business Name: Bear-Carvings.com, ChainsawWoodSculptor.com
Name: Hoppy Quick
Email: hoppyquick@aol.com
Description of Site: Artisan Wood Sculptures & Carvings, Rustic Furniture, Sheds, Cabins, Outhouses, Tree houses, Garden Arbors, Gates & Fences, Gazebos, Animal Barns, Artistic Doors & Handles


Site Name:  Bear Creek Carving
URL Homepage: www.bearcreekcarving.com
Business Name: Bear Creek Carving
Name: Dan Zeadker
Email: info@bearcreekcarving.com
Description of Site: From the rustic to the unique, chainsaw carvings by Dan Zeadker
Each chainsaw carving is transformed into a quality work of art.

Site Name: www.bearhollowindiana.com
URL Homepage: www.bearhollowindiana.com
Business Name: Bear Hollow
Name: Jason Emmons
Email: jason@bearhollowindiana.com
Description of Site:  carvings (chainsaw and hand), furniture, wood, tools, metal art and much
much more.

Site Name: bearmarketstudio
URL Homepage: www.bearmarketstudio.com
Business Name: Bear Market Studio
Name: Art Hilger
Email: SkiDancer2@aol.com
Description of Site:  Please take a stroll through my virtual galleries to view chainsaw sculptures of people, birds, bears and other animals. I also do custom carving so contact me with your dream project.


Site Name: Chainsaw Art Online
URL Homepage:  www.chainsawartonline.com
Business Name: S & S Chainsaw Art
Name: Scott and Samantha Surfus
Email: scottandsam1@wildblue.net
Description of Site: Check out unique, chainsaw carved collectibles from S&S Chainsaw Art. Carved bears, wooden lighthouses, solid wood beds, rustic benches -- all hand painted and detailed by the finest Ozark craftsmen!


Site Name: www.chainsawsculpture.com
URL Homepage: www.chainsawsculpture.com
Business Name: Sculpture By Doeren
Name: Jamie Doeren
Email: jdoeren@bayland.net
Description of Site: Chainsaw sculpture also stone and other sculptures also a parent site for carving supplies

Site Name: CaptnDave.com
URL Homepage:  http://smokymtnwoodsculptures.com
Business Name: Smoky Mtn Wood Sculptures
Name:  David Lavoie
Email: davidlavoie@bellsouth.net
Description of Site: Chainsaw sculpture, mantels, cedar products and hand sculptures.

Site Name:  Cajuncarver
URL Homepage:  www.logsign.com
Business Name: Jackson Chainsaw Carving
Description of Site: Fair, festivals grand openings demonstrations available for hire nationwide bears, eagles, Indians plus a lot more. Branson Missouri heart of the nation. Log signs, flat board, half  logs.


Site Name:  Cedar Savage Carvings Plus
Homepage:  www.cedar-savage.com
Name: Don Winner
Email: dnwinner@aol.com
Description of Site:  A site for carvers "New and Old" to get some ideas from...........


Site Name: www.chainsawartwork.com
URL Homepage: www.chainsawartwork.com
Business Name: Bears and Company
Name: Roy Pilcher
Email: horspwr@rtconnect.net
Description of Site: chainsaw carvings from Devils Tower Wyoming, also horse logging pictures

Site  Name: Chainsawcarvingman.com
URL Homepage:  www.chainsawcarvingman.com
Business Name: Wayne DeMoranville Artworks
Name: Wayne DeMoranville
Email:   wayne@chainsawcarvingman.com
Description of Site: Wood and ice sculptures and performances


Site Name: Chainsaw Evolutions
URL Homepage:  www.chainsawevolutions.com
Business Name: Chainsaw Evolutions
Name:  Mike Murray
Email:  mikemurray@chainsawevolutions.com
Description of Site: Carvings of bear, fish, flowers or whatever I see in a log.

Site Name: Chainsawsawsculptor Alf Skaneby in Sweden
URL Homepage: www.swedetroll.com
Business Name: Swedetroll KB
Name:  Art Skaneby
Email:  alf@swedetroll.com
Description of Site: Chainsawsculptors  by Alf Skaneby in Sweden, many pictures.

Site Name: Cordwood Creations
URL Homepage: www.7sons.com

Business Name:
Name: Michael J. Bihlmaier
Email: mjbihlmier@msn.com
Description of Site: Home of Sculptor, Michael Bihlmaier and his Cordwood Creations. You will find pictures of sculpture in Wood and Snow.

Site Name:     Fox Hollow Carving
URL Homepage:  www.foxhollowcarving.com
Business Name: Fox Hollow Carving
Name: Chuck Burkett
Email: cam396aro@msn.com
Description of Site: North East PA chainsaw carvings ready to travel , or done to order. call 814-725-1680.

Site Name:  Greg Phillips - South Georgia Woodcarver
URL Homepage:  http://www.georgiacarver.com/index.html
Business Name: Georgia Carver; LLC
Name: Greg Phillips
Email: georgiacarver@georgiacarver.com
Description of Site: Woodcarving cypress knees, cottonwood bark, chainsaw carving and knife sales


Site Name:  www.HBChainsawSculptures.com
URL Homepage:  www.HBChainsawSculptures.com
Business Name: HB Chainsaw Sculptures
Name: Heath & Hillary Bender
Email: heathcarves@hotmail.co
Description of site: Quality sculptures of everything from skunk, to giraffe, to lobster, and
of course bear. Come check us out!

Site Name: Joe King- the "Tree Carver"
URL Homepage: www.treecarver.com
Business Name: The Carvingpost
Name:  Joe King
Email: joe@treecarver.com
Description of Site: Specializing in on-site chainsaw sculptures

Site Name: Lance-saw-lot Carvings
Homepage: www.lancesawlot.com
Business Name: Lance-saw-lot Carvings
Name: Lance Rigby
Email: lancesawlot@earthlink.net
Description of Site:  Quality chainsaw sculpture by Lance Rigby


Site Name: Log to Legacy
URL Homepage:  www.ckt.net/logtolegacy
Business Name: Log to Legacy Chainsaw Sculptures
Name: Ed Babcock
Email:  edbabcock@ckt.net
Description of Site: Chainsaw carvings & sculptures, abstracts, wildlife, custom names, large variety of carvings.. On-site & demonstrations


Site Name: Malworks
URL Homepage:  Malworks.com
Business Name: Malworks
Name: Mal McEwen
Email:  themalhatter@yahoo.com
Description of Site: Mal McEwen is a north Georgia chainsaw artist with family roots in the area dating back to 1746. He has always enjoyed working with his hands and creating works of beauty, whether it be as a mechanic, machinist or trim carpenter. Mal picked up a chainsaw for the first time in 2002 and has never looked back. What started as a hobby has transformed into a livelihood, with commissioned projects coming from as far away as California.


Site Name:   Master of the Chainsaw
URL Homepage:  www.mastersofthechainsaw.com
Business Name:  Masters of the Chainsaw
Name: Jen and Brian Ruth
Email: ruthbox@ptd.net
Description of Site: Since 1991, a booking agency dedicated to promotion and preservation of this as a performance art form. Representing some of the most respected names in the industry.


Site Name: Old School Carvings
Homepage: http://mukluk77.tripod.com
Business Name: Old School Carvings
Name: Stephen A. Breden
Email: Mukluk77@yahoo.com
Description of Site:  Inspirations Wood, Wildlife, Figures, We love special orders!


Site Name: Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous
URL Homepage:  www.chainsawrendezvous.org
Business Name: Appalachian Arts Studio
Name: Ric and Liz Boni
Email: info@chainsawrendezvous.org
Description of Site: The home of the largest chainsaw carving event in the world. The
Rendezvous is physical forum for carvers to meet , share and encourage the
art of Chainsaw Carving with the general public and each other.


Site Name: www.chainsaw-carvings.co.uk
URL Homepage: www.chainsaw-carvings.co.uk
Business Name: Wills Chainsaw Sculptures
Name:   Will Lee
Email: info@chainsaw-carvings.co.uk
Description of Site: All about UK Chainsaw Carver Will Lee and some of his work

Site Name: Reichert Carving
URL Homepage:  www.reichertcarving.com
Business Name: Reichert Carving
Name: Laura Reichert
Email: reichertsawmill@aol.com
Description of Site: Chainsaw sculptures by Laura Reichert. Custom carving, name logs, carved furniture.

Site Name: Simon O'Rourke Tree Carving
URL Homepage:  www.tree-carving.co.uk
Business Name: Simon O'Rourke - Tree Carving
Name: Simon O'Rourke
Email: simon@tree-carving.co.uk
Description of site: Award winning carvings from trees and waste timber


Site Name:  Spirits Of Wood.com
URL Homepage:  www.spiritsofwood.com
Business Name: Spirits Of Wood.com
Name: Dick Tilley
Email:  dicktilley@spiritsofwood.com
Description of Site: Chainsaw Carving, Sculptures In Wood, Willowbine, Living willow work, Fire Sculptures, complimentary/enrichment planting and design, Water Color painting, hand drawn designs

Site Name: Spirit Woodcarving-Chainsaw Sculpture
URL Homepage:  www.spiritwoodcarving.com
Business Name: Spirit Woodcarving
Name:   Dan Pierce
Email:    woodcarver98@hotmail.com
Description of Site: Pictures, info about demos -places and events-gallery chat, and other features under construction for 2006. site is working and being updated now.


Business name: Spotted dog Wood Factory
Name:   Ken Packie
Email:  Spotteddogwf@gmail.com
Description of Site: Chainsaw carvings and updated "work in progress"


Site Name: The Crafty Chainsaw
URL Homepage:  www.thecraftychainsaw.com
Business Name: The Crafty Chainsaw
Name: Sue O'Sullivan
Email: osulybird@juno.com
Description of Site: Chainsaw art, Tree Mushroom Burnings, Water colors and other  media


Site Name: The Heart of the Woods
URL Homepage:  www.theheartofthewoods.com
Business Name
Name: Cheryl Campbell
Email: ccampbell_l@charter.net
Description of Site: A collection of carvings from my first to my last. A selection of wood types, animal subjects and comments.

Site Name: Totem Poles & Custom Chainsaw carvings
URL Homepage: www.gardensculptureart.com
Business Name: Sylvia Cook Lake Treasures
Name: Sylvia Cook
Email: WeMakeTotemPoles@aol.com
Description of Site:   Totem Poles any size and subject, Custom made, will travel anyplace in the USA

Site Name: Willis Wooden Creations
URL Homepage:  www.williswoodencreations.com
Business Name: Willis Wooden Creations
Name: Brian & Tracy Willis
Email: cruz41dge@aol.com
Description of Site: Woodcarving and Chainsaw carving


Site Name: Willkommen auf der Homepage von woodkatter
URL Homepage:  www.woodkatter.de
Business Name: Bernd Schumacher
Name: Bernd Schumacher
Email: woodkatter@t-online.de
Description of Site: Wood the living material


Site Name: Woodstock Wood Works, Inc.
URL Homepage:  www.woodstockwoodworks.com
Business Name: Woodstock Wood Works, Inc.
Name:  Bob & Linda Henry
Email:  rhenry@woodstockwoodworks.com
Description of Site: Retail offerings of Log Furniture, Chainsaw carvings & unique hand crafted log home products


Site Name: WoodWizardCarvings.com
URL Homepage:  WoodWizardCarvings.com
Business name: WoodWizards
Name:   Ted Parker
Email:  Doc@WoodWizardCarvings.com
Description of Site: Chainsaw carvings and Custom Designs"


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